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Premium Linear LED Lighting

We at LED Flex provide premium linear LED solutions for lighting projects suitable for architectural, urban, commercial, and residential applications. We work together with our clients on a project to project base and develop bespoke lighting solutions tailored to individual project requirements.

Our clients can rely on our ongoing support in selecting the right product, providing a timely and competitive quote, product termination, installation guidance and after-sales service.

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Neon Flex Bendable & Waterproof Linear LED Solutions

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Flexible Lighting Revolution
Durable & Waterproof

SK Profile: Flexible LED Strip Channel for Cove Lighting

Our SK Profile

Flexible Channel for Cove Lighting

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LED Flex Product Catalogue 2018

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Wine Rack Cabinet Lighting: Backlighting Project with LED Panels

The Warren

Ultra Panel RGBW, Linear Drive 720D

Stairs Lighting: Residential Linear Lighting with Waterproof LED

Wildwood Lodge

Duro Flex

Furniture Lighting: Hospitality Linear Lighting with LED Strips

Club Wembley

Maxi Neon RGB, Solo Chip, and Eco Flex 120

Design with Linear Lighting

Aesthetic and Sleek Design

Easy to conceal for a subtle lighting concept, or use to set a drastic statement; shape as desired - design lines, angles or curves

Versatile Applications

Suitable for indoor and outdoor application; residential, commercial, industrial or public environments

Directional Light

Organises spaces, provides orientation - while covers diffuse lighting output to eliminate glare for optimised eye comfort

Energy Efficient

Outperforms conventional fluorescent light by reaching an efficiency up to 156.2 lm/W